Therapeutic Cloning and Stem cells

Therapeutic Cloning and Stem cells Photo

Therapeutic cloning is also called the Somatic Cell Nuclear transfer. Unlike, Reproductive Cloning, Therapeutic Cloning does not result in the creation of a human being. It is used to provide healthy stem cells to replace diseased tissues in the body. Therapeutic involves the production of stem cells from the replicating human embryos. Most clones of these stem cells are delivered through transfer. In this process, the researcher utilizes a little needle to pull DNA material from the nucleus of a donor cell and move it into an empty egg. Therapeutic could enable a person's own particular cells to be utilized to treat or cure that person disease, without danger of presenting outside cells that might be rejected. The main use of Therapeutic cloning is to treat the deadly disease like diabetes and Parkinson's disease where the specific type of cell has died.

  • somatic cell nuclear transfer
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