Stem Cells and Stem Cell Niche

Stem Cells and Stem Cell Niche Photo

Stem Cells (SCs) have been contemplated for a considerable length of time and huge propels have been made with respect to stem cell capacities and potential applications in various natural and bio-medical areas, for example, organ physiology, tumor pathology, maturing, and regenerative medicine. The idea of a particular micro-environment or "niche" that is required for Stem cells to work developed over three decades back. A few thoughts have been advanced to clarify stem cell lineage and fate determination. Current investigate is centered around the microenvironment or "niche" of stem cells. A Stem Cell niche is an area of a tissue which provides an optimum micro-environment, in which stem cells are present in an unspecialized and self-renewable state. Cells present in the stem cell niche interact with the stem cells to maintain them or encourage their differentiation.

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