Application of Stem Cells in Medicine

Application of Stem Cells in Medicine Photo

Stem cell research holds tremendous promise for medical treatments. Stem-based cell therapies carry the huge potential for curing a number of human diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stem cells in bone regeneration, stem cells in the treatment of eyesight, diabetes and also in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. The stem is mainly used to amplify your body's natural repair process, helping individuals avoid invasive surgery and joint replacement. Stem cell therapy for knees is a minimally invasive procedure that can possibly diminish inflammation, stop the growth of the arthritic damage, repair joint cartilage, and delay or avoid knee replacement surgery. An entire line of Stem Cell products for ES and iPSC look into various zones from malignancy to diabetes to neurogenerative ailments/CNS issue.

  • surgical intervention
  • damaged tissue

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