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We are delighted to announce the commencement of “3rd World Congress and Expo on Cell & Stem Cell Research” during June 10- 11 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Stem Cell 2019 Conference aims to spread knowledge, awareness, and education about the recent advancement in the Stem Cell Research and development of new treatments to reduce the death rate because of various blood diseases.

This three-day conference will abode pivotal points on Stem Cells and its techniques for diagnosis of molecular shambles. The cardinal Theme of this Conference “Breaking Down Barriers through Stem Cells“ canvases an extensive dimension of imperative sessions.

Aim and Objectives:

Cell and Stem Cell Congress aims to provide exclusive research topics where all the participants could update themselves with the Latest developments in the Stem Cell Research. Stem Cell 2019’s ultimate Objective is to reflect as the Premier and Exclusive healthcare conference worldwide. The components of Stem Cell 2019 are Innovation, Quality, Integrity, Knowledge and Patient care.

Main Objectives of this Conference:

  • Commitment to delivering the highest standards in Stem Cell Research that exceeds the expectations of our participants.
  • Engage with phenomenal scholars across the world.
  • The sessions of Stem Cells and Stem Cell Banking sets a highly innovative and precious contribution to our medical professions at all who work in contact with Stem Cells on a daily basis.
  • Act as career guidelines for young researchers and motivates them by young researcher awards.
  • Perfect Platform for Global networking.

Benefits of attending the Conference:

This Cell and Stem Cell conference covers a huge topic on Cells and Stem cells Including Cellular and Molecular Biology, Cell Fate Determination, Cell Cycle, Stem Cell therapy, Stem cell Banking, Stem cell biology and Regenerative medicine, Genetic Engineering in Stem Cell Research, Stem Cell Medicine and diagnostic techniques.

  • Keynote presentation along with interactions to inspire the scientific community.
  • Workshop and symposiums to reach the largest aggregate of participants from the field of Stem Cells, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology.
  • Captivate in the astonishing event format, with round tables, panels, presentations, and multiple conference sessions.
  • A broad track of exhibitors to disclose the advancing and current technologies.
  • Podium to the global investment community to associate with collaborators in all related sectors.
  • Young Scientist Award for best burgeoning young research.
  • Meet Eminent Experts and Influencers Face to Face
  • Worldwide Networking and Business Opportunities
  • Learn how to take advantage of the current Stem Cell market to maintain and grow your business from the leading experts in the field of stem cells.

Intended audience:

Research Scientists, Microbiologists, scholars, Genetic engineers, Geneticist, Biotechnologists, Stem cell Association Heads and professors, Stem cell organization Members, Stem cell Biologists, Lab technicians, Stem Cell Associates, medical college, and Genetic students, Directors, CEO’s and Presidents of Stem Cell Research associations, Laboratories, and Companies, Eminent personalities, Stem Cell line Companies are the targeted audience.

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